Meet Charlotte Samo Wyatt


I grew up in a coastal city in Texas called Corpus Christi. The sky had great clouds and the colors were soooo bright.  Recently I have moved to 2 locations, dividing my time between Houston and San Antonio.  Let me explain how I came to paint the Cowgirls.
When I was young, everyone played “cowboys and Indians” and we watched many episodes on TV about the “Wild West.” I was always Dale Evans, on a stick horse, alas!  Any art I drew had cowgirls (with long ponytails) and horses – with long beautiful tails, of course. We all had cap pistols or had to use sticks for guns. Being a cowgirl wasn’t for the faint  of heart, believe me!
We all knew about the famous King Ranch, practically next door to Corpus Christi. This was another factor in our playing cowboys. Now I paint a new Cowgirl.  She is one in a series which  are named alphabetically.  She  has a persona that fits with her story.  The colors are bright, the lands are colorful.  She may have one pair of boots or a closet full of boots. She may even have a pair of red heels.
Every girl is ready for fun, adventure, and has a Cowgirl spirit, the Dale Evans spirit! So, stay with me, come back often and ride the trail with the girls. Get to know them. One is probably just like you!

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