Cate’s Blanket

Cate’s blanket is very special to her. It was a gift from her favorite uncle, on the occasion of her 12th birthday. He was there to help her learn to ride and care for horses. More importantly he taught her how to understand what a horse is “thinking.” She loves the softness and colors of this special gift. Best of all, it brings back all those memories of her uncle whenever she holds it.

Meet Alexis

Alexis With Gloves

Alexis With Gloves – Oil 16″ x 12″

Alexis is the first of the series of the Cowgirls.   She works on a ranch that her friend owns.  Her goal is to one day have her own spread with a small  ranch house.  All the ranch house needs is 3 or 4 rooms and a great view.  For now, she is content to help all she can and to collect beautiful beaded gloves, her weakness.    Her collection is impressive and she knows it.  The pair she is wearing is her favorite.  She was willing to pose for the painting on the condition that her gloves were included.  Do you like her gloves?